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New blog software

by Tykling

27. sep 2015 10:56 UTC

This blog used to be based on Django Mezzanine which stopped working for some reason. The whole thing was stupidly complex anyway.

I've written a small Django project to run the blog in the future. The sourcecode can be found on Github.

OCSP Stapling in Nginx

by Tykling

22. oct 2013 23:24 UTC


This post is about getting OCSP Stapling to work in nginx. OCSP is short for Online Certificate Status Protocol and is a close to realtime method of checking an TLS certificates validity.

This blogpost is based on nginx 1.4.3 (you need at least nginx 1.3.7 for OCSP stapling to work) compiled against OpenSSL 1.0.1e in a FreeBSD 9.2 jail. To compile ...

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